What is LaseMDTM and how does it work?

The Lutronic LaseMDTM is a new non-ablative, fractional laser resurfacing experience and we are literally obsessed with it! It offers a wide range of treatment settings. These include a low-energy, zero downtime treatment (the LaseMDTM Glo!) similar to Clear and BrilliantTM and a high-energy setting allowing for a full resurfacing treatment comparable to FraxelTM. However, unlike FraxelTM, LaseMDTM can be used safely and effectively on ALL skin types.

What is LaseMDTM used to treat?

LaseMDTM literally does it all! It decreases pigmentation (age spots, sun spots, and is the ONLY laser treatment recommended by experts across the board for melasma!) and actinic keratoses (sun-induced precancerous spots), improves fine lines and wrinkles including vertical lip lines around the mouth and crow’s feet around the eyes, softens the appearance of scars, including acne scars and surgical scars, improves skin texture and tone, refines pores, and promotes collagen production in the skin. Non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing is simply one of the best available treatments on the market for visible improvement with minimal downtime. 

Can I customize my LaseMDTM treatment?

Yes! LaseMDTM was specifically designed to deliver high-potency serums that penetrate into the skin to produce amazing results and faster healing!! It uses advanced heat technology to create open microchannels deep within the skin surface to assist in the delivery of topicals, also known as a Cosmeceutical Delivery System (CDS). You may choose between Vitamin C for skin brightening and anti-aging, Vitamin A (retinol) for fine lines and wrinkles, Tranexamic Acid for lightening dark patches (our favorite treatment for melasma!), or Reservatrol for skin lightening and anti-aging. Preservative-free, high potency serums are mixed in our office on the same day as treatment. The remaining serum is given to you for use as an at-home treatment while the channels in your skin remain open to enhance results and help with healing.

How many treatment sessions are necessary?

The number of treatments necessary will vary depending on the type and severity of the condition being treated.  Generally, we recommend starting with at least three treatments spaced one month apart.

Can I combine LaseMDTM with other treatments?

Not only is LaseMDTM a great stand-alone treatment, but it is complementary to other skin tightening and collagen-stimulating procedures we already offer. We want you to be able to address all of your skin concerns and have therefore created special packages that combine LaseMD with ResurfxTM (comparable to Fraxel DualTM), Eclipse MicropenTM Microneedling, and GeniusTM Microneedling RF. The results from these combination treatments will keep your skin looking beautiful, young and natural for years to come!

What can I expect during treatment?

LaseMDTM is very comfortable and requires no anesthesia. However, we have prescription strength numbing cream and skin cooling via cold air and ice packs available if desired. You will feel some heat and tingling during the treatment. Expect your treatment to last between 5-15 minutes.

What can I expect post-treatment?

After a LaseMDTM treatment, patients generally have mild redness for up to 24 hours. Optimal results are seen within 2-5 days but healing can take from 1-8 days, depending on the depth of treatment. Strict sun protection is advised before and after treatment.

For best results, couple it with our newest and latest: GeniusTM Microneedling RF. Skinstyle Dermatology is one of the first to have the GeniusTM laser in Los Angeles, California!

Are there potential side effects?

LaseMDTM non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing treatments are extremely safe. Adverse effects are exceedingly rare and unlikely to occur in experienced hands.

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