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Melasma is a common skin problem that causes dark or grayish patches of skin, usually on your face. If you have melasma, Shanthi Colaço, MD, FAAD, of ShanthiMD Dermatology in Los Angeles, can help. Dr. Colaço specializes in both general and cosmetic dermatology and offers comprehensive treatments for melasma and other skin conditions. Schedule a time for a consultation to learn about the list of effective in-office treatments and at-home skin care regimens that can help minimize or eliminate melasma. You can call the office in West Los Angeles or book online anytime.

Melasma Q & A

What is melasma?

Melasma is a skin disorder that appears as dark patches or areas of gray-brown patches on your face. Melasma commonly appears on your:

  • Cheeks
  • Bridge of your nose
  • Forehead
  • Chin
  • Upper lip

Although it typically appears on your face, you can also see melasma on your arms, neck, or any other area that gets a lot of sun exposure. Melasma is more common in women than in men, and it’s sometimes triggered by hormones, especially during pregnancy.

What causes melasma?

The cause of melasma isn’t completely clear, but women with darker skin tones are more prone to melasma because they have more melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) in their skin than light-skinned individuals. Only 10% of people with melasma are men.

There are certain triggers for melasma, including sun exposure and hormonal changes. Even certain skin care products can make melasma worse. Additionally, birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies may contribute to the onset of melasma.

What’s the best way to treat melasma?

Dr. Colaço takes a whole-person, comprehensive approach to treatments, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. She and her highly skilled medical aesthetics team provide treatments that include chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, and adjustments to your at-home skin care regimen, so you get the best long-term results. Dr. Colaço believes in taking a natural, holistic approach to treating skin conditions like melasma, combined with proven medical therapies whenever necessary.

The best way to treat melasma for you may not be the best way to treat it for someone else. Dr. Colaço listens to your concerns, performs a thorough examination of your skin, and creates a treatment plan you can follow to get lasting results.

Can I prevent melasma?

The best way to prevent melasma or keep it from recurring is to protect your skin with sunscreen and minimize your skin’s exposure to the sun. Also, sticking with a skin care routine that works for you can help prevent melasma from coming back or getting worse. It may also improve if you stop taking birth control pills or use a different type of hormonal prescription.

You don’t have to live with the troublesome signs of melasma. Learn how you can feel more confident in your own skin with proven treatment methods and skin care solutions. Call Skinstyle Dermatology to schedule an appointment or request a time using the convenient online booking system.